Dr. Jennifer Craven is a licensed psychologist in Austin, Texas. With over twenty years of experience, and an ongoing commitment to actively pursue advanced education, she strives to be at the top of her profession. Dr. Craven is dedicated to helping patients reach their goals as efficiently and effectively as possible to obtain a higher level of overall life satisfaction. She dynamically engages with patients to learn about themselves and gain insight into obstacles to their own life success in a caring atmosphere with appropriate levels of challenge. Dr. Craven works with patients who are seeking to improve their lives, heal from suffering they have endured, develop healthier relationships, become better parents, and ultimately excel as human beings.

Dr. Craven works in a number of capacities, including as a consultant to other therapists and physicians. She accepts referrals from those who hope to more expediently help their patients find solutions, get through an impasse in treatment, and foster healing. She has a specialization in treating reputable professionals in many fields, such as those in the medical community (e.g. physicians and surgeons). Please see the “Physician Services” section of this website for more information.

Dr. Craven is a huge proponent for ongoing education (beyond the minimum licensing requirements) and encourages anyone seeking counseling to inquire about this aspect of a doctor’s practice. The impact of challenging oneself to develop mastery and competence in this evolving field, with regular feedback from colleagues, has been shown to be an important factor for effectiveness.

It takes courage to face the truth and reality of our lives, including areas where we may have had a hand in ourselves creating obstacles to success. Dr. Craven has been witness over the years to the resilience of the human spirit, helping patients develop significantly happier lives as growth occurs. Dr. Craven has a passion for helping people along this journey and finds her work to be tremendously rewarding.