Therapy Style

Dr. Craven is a very active therapist, working hard for the patient toward collaboratively determined goals. In Dr. Craven’s words:

I often hear people say they recognize they need to make changes personally or in their environment, but either don't know how to make the changes or cannot seem to be successful in making necessary changes despite their effort. Others have a vague sense of unhappiness, wondering how they have gotten to that state in their life. I help patients bridge this gap, exploring and overcoming the obstacles that get in the way of leading a more vibrant life. Patients learn to better understand themselves and take actions to move towards their intended goals.

I continually invest in expanding and strengthening my skills as a therapist by participating in intensive trainings, which requires travel to distinguished colleagues within the field of psychology. This has taken me to New York, Washington D.C., California, and Montreal, Canada in pursuit of learning from the most respected therapists in the field. My commitment to continuously sharpen my skills as a psychologist, facilitates conducting therapy with precision so that I provide the most efficient and effective therapy possible. Through years of working with patients and learning from these trainings, I have come to see the nuances to understanding why we do things, as well as the healing that occurs when we have corrective experiences. As your therapist, I'll help you with both understanding and healing so that you can reach your goals.

I love my work and feel passionate about helping others obtain their own renewed vitality. I believe that you will find I am a competent and caring psychologist, who will help you work through your concerns, whether they require short-term consultation or longer-term therapy. I will actively, honestly, and directly guide you toward healing and developing a sense of understanding to facilitate the life changes you are seeking.