Physician Services

Dr. Jennifer Craven has worked extensively with physicians, in two primary capacities, in addition to related publications (see below).

Collaborative Care

Dr. Craven has broad experience as a collaborative care treatment provider through a variety of facilities, both inpatient and outpatient. She has worked for years with populations needing treatment both at medical and psychiatric hospitals. Some of this work includes helping patients adjust after surgery. Dr. Craven was part of a highly successful national research project, studying the effects of a collaborative care approach in medical clinics. Please see the publications section for one of the articles she co-authored from this project.

Physicians Seeking Therapy

Dr. Craven has years of experience assisting physicians & surgeons in their own therapy. Many of these professionals have turned to Dr. Craven for help with relationship issues, work stress, grief/loss, overall life balance, and healing through long-term difficulties. She has successfully guided this highly functioning population towards self-understanding and personal development for overall life satisfaction.

Medical Family Newsletter

Dr. Craven served as a columnist for the Travis County Medical Alliance newsletter "Vital Signs", writing about issues important to couples, particularly for those who have unique stressors from being part of a medical family.