Executive Coaching

For the highly functioning individual who is looking to improve their quality of life and reach their goals.

  • Self-understanding
  • Improving relationships
  • Personal development
  • Changing life direction
  • Learning life balance

Stress Management~Depression

Dr. Craven is experienced in working with individuals who

  • Wish to decrease their stress level and/or depression
  • Wish to develop & replenish their coping resources
  • Desire understanding and healing from anxiety and depression
  • Need to cope with physical limitations or disease
  • Are managing stress-related illnesses or recovering from surgery

Other Areas of Focus

  • Health Issues
  • Grief & Loss
  • Life Transitions
  • Aging
  • Women's Concerns


Relationships are central to each personís life, so it is no surprise that everyone has work to be done in this area. Dr. Craven enjoys working with patients as they learn about themselves and those who they love, in addition to helping couples and families live happily together. She uses the PACT model, developed by Stan Tatken, which combines aspects of attachment theory, neurobiology, and nervous system regulation to help couples better understand each other to create a secure, functioning relationship.

  • Premarital counseling
  • Parenting skills
  • Extended family difficulties
  • Communication skills
  • Divorce / Remarriage issues
  • Healthy boundaries

Psychological Assessment

Psychological Assessment can be a wonderful tool for differential diagnoses and to further the insight of individuals.

Dr. Craven was a founding member of the Center for Therapeutic Assessment Institute, Austin, TX. Therapeutic Assessment is a semi-structured, collaborative approach of psychological testing developed by Steve Finn, Ph.D. and his colleagues at the Center for Therapeutic Assessment in Austin, Texas. Many goals can be accomplished with such testing, including determining a diagnosis and developing an effective course of treatment.

At present, Dr. Craven focuses exclusively on therapy, consulting, and teaching. Hence, she is no longer personally accepting referrals for assessments, but continues to encourage patients seeking such testing to learn more through the Therapeutic Assessment website: